Anjuman Centenary


To be the premier education provider – focusing on value-based comprehensive education to fulfill the learning aspirations of diverse communities and transforming people’s lives.


•    To ensure access to affordable high-quality education and provide opportunities for learning and human development, with the engagement of the community.
•    To provide a comprehensive educational experience that cultivates, nurtures and combines academic, social and sporting excellence with ethical values.
•    To foster civic responsibility for the development of the local, national and global communities.
•    To become one of the preferred education providers for students, parents and faculty.

Our Values

•    Integrity: We believe in being honest, ethical, reliable and transparent.
•    Passion and excellence: We love what we do and encourage to go above and beyond.
•    Collaboration: We share our knowledge, expertise and resources to get results.
•    Innovation: We like to think outside the box. • Diversity & Mutual Respect: We nurture tolerance, inclusion and mutual respect for all.
•    Social Responsibility: We encourage giving back to the community and preserving our environment.


•    High-Quality Education: To establish a baseline for academic standards at Anjuman institutions with an emphasis on improving educational outcomes, sporting excellence and social responsibility
•    Better Infrastructure: To improve infrastructure across Anjuman institutions and provide modern facilities.
•    Greater Engagement: To increase parental-engagement, networking and community involvement
•    Good Governance: To develop leadership and elevate principles of good governance

Goals Of Anjuman

•    Recruit and retain diverse faculty by providing continuous professional development opportunities.
•    Develop infrastructure with an emphasis on innovative technologies, research and teaching methods.
•    Provide alternative learning opportunities by introducing law, social sciences, media studies, master of computer applications and other subjects in line with industry and future needs.
•    Facilitate partnerships between entrepreneurs, private sector organisations and government entities to co-create solutions.
•    Enhance management structure by introducing new technologies and innovative workplace practices.
•    Develop campus placement opportunities
•    Attract meritorious students by providing scholarships.
•    Extend learning opportunities in primary and secondary education of economically backward areas of Bhatkal Taluka.
•    Transform Anjuman to function as an autonomous-body with a culmination in university status.
•    Expand and develop Al Fitrah as an alternative education model