Program Objectives


Aims and Objectives

  1. To highlight and inform public the services provided and contribution made by Anjuman in the field of Education for the people of Bhatkal and others in its 100 years of existence.
  2. To emphasize its growth and development in its life.
  3. To set its goals for future growth and development.
  4. To improve its image and build rapport among community, general public, it’s Alumni, staff and students and their parents.
  5. To create awareness about importance of Quality Value Based Education among the community and general Public.
  6. To honour members of faculty, staff, Executive Members (Present and Past), and Alumni for their meritorious Service or who have achieved greatness in their career and life.
  7. To publish Book and print Souvenir to record History of Anjuman and its contribution to society.
  8. To generate Centenary fund from various sources for future progress and development of Anjuman.

Anjuman centenary celebrations- Brief outline of Programs and events.

Brief outlines of Programs and events

  1. To conduct lectures and Seminars about promoting quality and value based education and the challenges faced in this respect.
  2. To conduct workshop for Teachers and Faculty members to improve their teaching skills.
  3. To arrange exhibition related with Anjuman inception and progress and indicating its Milestones and services provided in the field of promoting education among the community.
  4. Publishing book on History of Anjuman in Urdu and English.
  5. Publishing of souvenir with articles related to education and Anjuman role in propagation of Anjuman.
  6. To arrange Tournaments and sports events inviting students from institutions from neighbouring district.
  7. Alumni meeting to discuss improvements and future development of Anjuman
  8. To honour and award for meritorious services of Faculty, Staff and Executive members and office bearers present and past.
  9. Interaction with members of faculty and staff and students regarding future programme and improvement in Anjuman
  10. Seek co-operation of community members and others to generate Funds for future progress of Anjuman.
  11. To arrange Technical Exhibition from Anjuman Institute of Technology and Management. (Anjuman Engineering College)
  12. To conduct Central Conference on Education for Minority Institutions from Anjuman Institute of Technology and Management. (Anjuman Engineering College)
  13. To conduct Trade Fair
  14. To conduct Social Awareness Programmes
  15. To conduct Exhibition on Nawayath Heritage and Culture.