What is the general phone number and mailing address for Anjuman?

What is Anjuman's mission statement?

Anjuman Hami-e-Muslimeen (comprising the colleges, high schools and primary schools) does not have a formal mission statement.

Anjuman Degree College and PG Centre, released the following mission statement:

The Mission of Anjuman Degree College and PG Centre

  • Cater to the Educational needs of Bhatkal and surrounding areas.
  • Induce knowledge that fosters self-learning and continuous improvement.
  • Impart value based quality education and develop adaptability skills.
  • Strive for academic and extracurricular excellence through quality, efficiency, innovation and continuous improvement in all the processes of our system.
  • Develop professionalism in Education, Management, Service and work for stakeholder’s satisfaction.
  • Develop strong community relationship, foster good-will and co-operation among all sections of students.
  • Develop leadership qualities, patriotism and commitment to contribute to National development.
  • Promote the use of Scientific Technology and Communication Technology in the delivery of education.

What do all those letters stand for?

AAPS Anjuman Azad Primary School

ADC Anjuman Degree College and PG Centre

ABHS Anjuman Boys High School

ACE Anjuman College of Education

ACW Anjuman College for Women

AGHS Anjuman Girls High School

AGHSNC Anjuman Girls High School, Nawayath Colony

AIMCA Anjuman Institute of Management and Computer Application

AITM Anjuman Institute of Technology and Management

ANPS Anjuman Noor Primary School

APS Anjuman Primary School

APUC Anjuman Pre-University College

APUCW Anjuman Pre-University College for Women

ATPS Anjuman Takia Primary School

IAUHS Islamia Anglo Urdu High School

IAUHSNC Islamia Anglo Urdu High School, Nawayath Colony

Where can I find out about Anjuman events?

How can I apply for a job at Anjuman?