98% Results in Engineering Final Exams

Anjuman is pleased to inform that Anjuman Institute of Technology and Management students have obtained excellent results in several of it’s university final examination held in  June 2015. Summary of the results is given below for your information.

Please recall that one of Anjuman Engineering student Mr. Nabeel Musthafa had obtained First Rank in final year in University, VTU two years earlier and obtained record of 12 gold medals in the history of the University.

It is gratifying to note that Anjuman students of other institutions have also been consistently performing well in examinations with good overall results including high percentage of distinction and first classes among those who passed.

Anjuman congratulates, the students, their parents, teaching and other staff and the Principal for the efforts they have put in obtaining such results.

Following is the summary of the excellent result of Anjuman Institute of Technology and Management in final examinations recently announced by University.

 Total Appeared% PassedI Class with DistinctionI Class
Civil Engineering (New Scheme)4098 %371
Mechanical Engineering Section A5691 %2322
Mechanical Engineering Section B5684 %2519
Electrical and Electronics2396 %128
Electronics and Communication1587 %76
Computer Science and Engineering1493 %58

May Almighty Allah guide Anjuman to progress in the field of education and Pray Allah that Anjuman continues to maintain such excellent performances not only in academic field but also produces youngsters with character and spirit of service to community, Nation and humanity.

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