Anjuman Delegation at Chalo Dilli Reunion

Anjuman’s delegation on invitation from Delhi Chapter of AITM Alumni participated in Chalo Dilli AITM Reunion conducted at Delhi from 22nd to 24th December 2016. The delegation consisted of President of Anjuman Abdul Rahim Jukaku, Additional General Secretary of Anjuman Muhammad Ishaq Shabandri, Principal of AITM Dr. Mushtaque Ahmed Bhavikatti, Coordinator of AITM Alumni Association (AITMAA) Prof. Ashraf Zarzari and Professor of Mechanical Engineering Dr. Anantmurthy Shastri.

The President and principal addressed the inaugural function and met members of alumni who had come from all over the world like USA, Australia, Nigeria, and all parts of India like Kerala, Himachal Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Andhra Pradesh, Maharashtra, Karnataka, Goa, West Bengal and many other places. About 200 Alumni members and 70 family members attended the meet.

The President and Principal in their inaugural address praised the alumni for keeping the association with Anjuman and expressed their pride to note that many of its students have progressed well in their profession and hold a high position in society. They also expressed their satisfaction that many of them are successful businessmen and are self-employed.

All of the alumni remembered Anjuman and admired their college days at AITM and Bhatkal town and were all praise for the management of Anjuman for providing them with good education and people of Bhatkal for their good treatment and hospitality.

The Anjuman delegation discussed the ways and means by which the alumni can support Anjuman in following ways:

  • Promoting AITM for admission
  • Helping AITM in placement activities
  • Help AITM in acquiring good faculty
  • Help AITM students in providing scholarship and free ship
  • Visiting AITM and interacting with our students

The earlier promised support by alumni in building a fully equipped modern canteen was also discussed. The alumni members were invited to visit AITM and it was agreed they will consider holding in future alumni meet in Goa and make it a point to spend one day in Bhatkal and visit AITM. Anjuman hopes that this association with its alumnus will help in taking forward the progress of Anjuman in providing quality education.

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