Continuous Ranks for Anjuman College for Women

Anjuman is proud to announce that students of Anjuman College for Women have obtained Ranks in B.A and B.Com final year University examinations held in June 2014. The excellent achievement of obtaining Ranks in University Examinations has been continuous every year for the last seven years. Anjuman congratulates the students, their parents, lecturers and Principal for this achievement.

The list of students who obtained the ranks this year is as follows: 
B.A Final

  • Rabia Wafia Mohammed Ghouse Chamundi: IInd Rank with marks 88.75%
  • Sara Ramla Riyaz Ahmed Kobatte: IIIrd Rank with marks 88.42%
  • Azzh Ubaidaulla Ruknuddin: IVth Rank with Marks 86.49%

B.Com Final

  • Nazifa Tuba Imam Shaikh: VIIIth Rank with Marks 87.65%

The Final B.Sc Ranks are yet to be announce and Anjuman is expecting Ranks in B.Sc also.

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