University Rank in AIMCA

Students of BBA of Anjuman Institute of Management & Computer Application have obtained University Ranks in the examination recently held during the year 2014-15.

Anjuman congratulates the students who have achieved these distinctions and their parents as well as the teaching staff and Principal. Such good results of Anjuman Institutions and excellent academic performances of Anjuman students are regular happenings every year.

List of  Rank students are as follows:

  • Miss. Zainab Varisha Abdul Fatha
    University Third RankSmester BBA I-VI
    Marks: 3439/3900
    Percentage: 88.18
    Awarded with Bharat Ratna Sir M Visvesvaraya Cash Prize
  • Miss. Sayed Seefwa Alji Dawood
    BBA V-VI
    Marks: 342/400 (Marketing Specialisation)
    Percentage: 85.50
    Awarded with Dr. Udaya S Tate Gold Medal
  • Miss. Qurrutul Ain Shaikh Mushtaque Ahamed Shaikh
    BBA I-II
    Marks: 1073/1200
    Percentage: 89.41
    Awarded with Dr. D.C. Pawate Diamond Jubilee Celebration Fund Scholarship

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