Workshop for X Standard Students on How to Conquer Exams Conducted

Realizing the importance of learning right techniques of preparation and of facing examinations for better performance of students, Anjuman conducted 3 day Special interactive Workshop by calling Expert from Bangalore.

The three day Workshop not only taught the Xth Standard boy School students how to prepare for examinations but also improve their memory power and easier techniques of facing examinations without tension.

Mr. Amin Mudassir of CIGMA conducted this workshop for two batches of each 75 class Xth Students in Usman Hassan Hall of Islamia Anglo Urdu High School.

Secretary of School Board, Janab S.M. Syed Abdul Rahman Batin Saheb actively participated and impressed upon the students to make best use of the training Anjuman is providing them.

The vision of the workshop is to empower students with tools that will empower them preparing for exams in a way that makes them.

  1. Enjoy learning
  2. Use study Techniques and tools
  3. Use Memory Power for better student life
  4. Overcome examination fear
  5. Become better students and individuals for tomorrow.

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